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About us / Who we are

Frank Grant is a non-political and non-discriminatory practitioner.

Frank has over 40 years experience in the various fields of social work, youth work, outdoor adventure activities, lecturing, teaching, training and wilderness therapeutic work.


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Ethical Guidelines

Since therapeutic adventure programmes profoundly affect individual lives, it is the purpose of these guidelines to advocate for the education, empowerment, and safety of those who participate in these programmes by establishing a minimum standard of ethical care and operation.


The Ethical Guidelines underpinning my practice

What is the Triverse of Life?

The Tri-Verse is a variation of the Celtic Triple Spiral [derived from the three approaches within the Universe to help us reconnect back into nature – the Slowing, the Joining and the Resonating] and which has a wide variety of meanings:- birth, growth and death; fire, air and water; childhood, adolescence and adulthood, and, self-inquiry; self-belief and self-actualization.


The Slowing, the Joining and the Resonating

Faith in ourselves

"Throughout our lives we travel journeys bereft of solace that the journeys end is where we set out to arrive at in the first place. There can be no doubt that these journeys in themselves to some degree will remain within our own control although many will not as external forces steer us on a path that we struggle to stay off due to the emotional, psychological and sometimes physical cost to our individuality and all that this entails.

Many of us will come to a place on our journey when we are standing on the edge of the light with nothing but darkness before us. We will be scared to move forward but reluctant to go back and so we struggle to make some sense of the place we are in.
We may see with half open eyes, understand withhalf a closed mind, hear our heart beat to a cosmic universal beatwhich we will convince ourselves that we are in some way the product of something divine.

 We know we have to move forwards into the darkness and to do this we need to step off into it at some point in time. Stepping into the unknown for many of us can be a frightening experience but we do so when we feel we have faith.

This faith is based on us knowing that when we step into the darkness one of two things may happen [as the third is not worth contemplating i.e. falling forever into oblivion.

Either there will be something solid to stand on and our journey continues or we are suddenly imbibed with the knowledge to fly.

Either way it is Faith in these outcomes that makes us take that first step forward into darkness ignoring earlier learnt prejudices and biases towards that which we fear – our own humanity."

Frank J Grant